Babylon for Educational Institutions

Babylon for Foreign Students and Teachers

At educational institutions around the world, many students and faculty members are from foreign countries. This often means they are studying and teaching in a language that is not their native language. They must be able to communicate clearly with other students and instructors. Commonly the language of communication in these institutions is English. Reading articles and writing papers in English may be especially difficult for them.

For foreign students and teachers in educational environments, and especially where English is used, Babylon provides a solution for overcoming the language barriers they face. In just one click, Babylon can translate complete web pages and Word or PDF documents, making research and reading so much easier.

Babylon’s single-click translation dictionaries are the most effective tool available today. Babylon delivers translations to and from 31 languages directly to the user’s active application (on both Windows and Mac desktops).

Babylon for English

In K-12 schools worldwide the Internet has become a key tool for students and teachers alike. With more than 80 percent of Internet pages in English, anyone seeking information on the Internet must have a command of English. To meet this challenge and open doors to the world, many nations and school systems have adopted policies and have enacted programs to improve English levels.

Babylon’s simplicity and intuitive operation make it an Ideal tool for schools. In one click it delivers a translation of a word or phrase, or a complete translation of an entire Internet page or document. Babylon is integrated with Microsoft Office, and provides short definitions and translation for each alternate suggestion offered in the Office spellcheck menu.

Babylon for Scholarship

For those who need instant access to dictionaries and reference works, Babylon delivers content from Wikipedia in 20 languages and from Babylon’s database of over 1400 dictionaries, encyclopedias and glossaries in more than 75 languages. These sources provide concise and accurate translations for general, technical and slang terms, as well as specialized terms from fields such as art, medicine, law, finance, economics, with vocabulary covering words, phrases, abbreviations and acronyms in every language.

Selected Babylon Corporate Edition Customers

  • University of Lyon (France)
  • Universidad de Granada
  • Concordia University (Canada)
  • Tel Aviv University (Israel)

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