Babylon for the Software and High-tech Industry

With their geographically dispersed, multinational workforces, software and high-tech companies face significant communication challenges when integrating their operations across international and language borders. Most non-native English-speaking employees of these organizations can read and write English at a relatively competent level. But many do not have a strong enough command of the language needed for communicating effectively with colleagues or customers and strengthening business relationships.

Babylon’s single-click translation and dictionary software offers the most effective tools available today for organizations with diverse workforces that need to collaborate in English.

In a single click, Babylon delivers translations to and from 31 languages directly to the user’s active application. Babylon is also integrated with Microsoft Office, and gives short definitions and translations for each suggestion presented by the Office spellchecker.

Babylon delivers translations of complete web pages and text documents. It can enable employees to communicate more easily through intranets, messaging, social media and other collaboration tools.

Babylon enables companies to create and distribute customized dictionaries containing terminology used specifically within the organization or related to a particular technology. These glossaries are valuable reference guides to the specialized vocabulary of the industry.

Licensed Babylon users also have free access to a vast database of reference content that includes a number of high quality lexicons of software and programming terminology. These content sources provide definitions of terms, acronyms and abbreviations used in the software and computer industry, and serve as valuable reference sources to Babylon users.

Babylon is the world's leading dictionary and translation software, with more than 55 million desktop installations in over 200 countries.

Selected Babylon Corporate Edition Customers

  • SAP
  • XeroX
  • HP
  • IBM
  • SanDisk
  • CA
  • Check Point
  • BMC Software

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