Babylon for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are often multinational organizations. Banks, accounting firms and investment houses operating in a global marketplace know that effective communication in English is critical to their business success. Companies that can acquire and process information in English have a definite advantage. They can more easily follow trends in their markets, track competitors, and quickly act upon potential and profitable business opportunities.

With most of the world’s trade and financial business transacted in English, financial institutions must have workforces capable of communicating in English.

Babylon provides the best possible translation tools for employees in international financial institutions, enabling them to read and evaluate documents, communicate with international customers and business associates, and approach potential customers with confidence and clarity.

With Babylon, users get the translations and information they need as soon as they need it. With just a single click on any text on screen, Babylon delivers translations and definitions, and converts currency, time zones and units of measure. Babylon integrates with any Windows application, and brings the results directly to the user’s active application.

Babylon can also translate complete Internet pages and documents in Word, text or PDF format. This enables users to get the gist of a document or web page written in a language they do not understand, and to decide whether it requires a more exact, human translation.

Babylon also gives licensed users free access to a number of outstanding financial and banking dictionaries. These content sources deliver definitions of financial and business terms, providing an added, valuable service to Babylon users in the financial sector.

With Babylon, workers have translations at their fingertips. Babylon saves time, improves productivity, and strengthens business communications.

Selected Babylon Corporate Edition Customers

  • Deutsche Bank
  • UBS
  • Bank Austria
  • Erste Bank AG
  • Bank HaPoalim
  • Visa

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