Babylon-Enterprise leverages the Babylon technology to create a direct bridge between the user’s desktop and the enterprise applications.

Babylon-Enterprise gives users instant and effective access to concise and relevant business information without interrupting their workflow.

Babylon-Enterprise simultaneously delivers information that resides in disparate enterprise systems and sources, such as ERP, CRM or HR databases, enterprise portals and other knowledge management systems. Babylon-Enterprise extends the reach of organization’s backend systems by providing a simple way to deliver data to users who might not otherwise access these systems.

Babylon-Enterprise integrates easily and improves productivity in any business or organization. With its single click, automatic functionality, Babylon-Enterprise makes information systems friendlier and much more accessible. Users do not spend time or effort defining what they are seeking, or trying to determine how to reach the information they need.

With Babylon-Enterprise, employees can spend less time looking for information, and make better use of existing organizational information systems, giving businesses a strong return on the costs and efforts already invested in information systems.

Put Babylon-Enterprise to work in your company or organization and see the benefits immediately:

  • Make better use of information systems you've already put in place.
  • Strengthen information flow and knowledge management.
  • Improve productivity and profits.

Babylon-Enterprise has been implemented by industry-leading customers worldwide, totaling nearly 200,000 desktops. The convergence of desktop and enterprise applications has resulted in measurable benefits for these organizations: employees get critical information easier and faster, without switching applications, and while remaining focused on their work.

Learn more about Babylon-Enterprise as an effective and affordable solution to your organization’s information needs: