6 luglio 2009

Novità in casa Babylon – Upgrade gratuito per tutti gli utenti MAC. La nuova versione migliorata di Babylon per Mac offre ora dizionari consultabili on-line/offline.

8 giugno 2009

Babylon Ltd., la società internazionale produttrice di software per la traduzione, stringe una partnership con Tiscali S.p.A per la fornitura di servizi di traduzione on-line

27 maggio 2009

Babylon annuncia il lancio della sua nuova versione - Babylon 8. Babylon 8, la nuova versione innovativa giunge sul mercato sulla scia del successo delle sue versioni precedenti, adottate da oltre 55 milioni di utenti in tutto il mondo.

23 febbraio 2009

Babylon Ltd., l’azienda internazionale leader nel settore dei software per traduzione e dizionari elettronici, si classifica al pirmo posto e ottiene il "TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award"

New From Babylon – FREE Upgrade for all MAC users. The improved Babylon for Mac now with online and offline dictionaries.

San Francisco, USA, July 06, 2009 - Babylon Ltd., the world leading provider of online and offline dictionary and translation solutions, presents the new version of Babylon for MAC, now supporting both online and offline dictionaries. This version continues the lead of Babylon globally-known dictionary and translation software for MAC OS X.

Following the successful launch of its first version for MAC less than a year ago, Babylon launches a new version for MAC users and provides a FREE upgrade to users who purchased the previous version.

MAC users will now be able to enjoy the new features and significant improvements and continue to benefit in their daily activity.

  • Offline dictionaries - now you can work with Babylon faster and without the need of an internet connection – New
  • Single click activation from any application
  • Dictionaries and glossaries in 75 languages
  • Text translation in 33 languages (compared with 17 in the previous version)
  • Premium dictionaries from the Leading publishing houses, such as: Oxford, Britannica, Merriam Webster, Pons, Duden, Larousse, Langenscheidt and many more - New
  • Access to over 1,400 free dictionaries and glossaries, including Wikipedia in 21 languages
  • Built-in spell checker which, in addition to the correct spelling suggestions, will provide the user with short definitions that will enable the user to identify and decide what to choose - NEW
  • Localization to German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish- New

Babylon 2008 Mac is available in a download version (for $89) or in a box (for $99) from Babylon's Site and also from major resellers and retail stores

Special offers for organizations and volume purchases are available on the web site as well as from authorized partners.

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Babylon Ltd., the International Translation Software Company, Partners with Tiscali S.p.A to Provide Online Translation Services

Milan, Italy – June 8, 2009 - Babylon LTD, a world leading provider of dictionary and translation solutions, announced the signing of an agreement with Tiscali S.p.A, the third-biggest ISP in Italy by market-share, to provide its users with a number of free Web-based translation tools.

Tiscali is one of the most popular consumer portals in Italy and its visitors will now be able to translate content to and from any language using the Tiscali Traduttore service, powered by Babylon. By using Babylon’s translation APIs, Tiscali offers its users with various translation tools on the Tiscali website. The Tiscali Traduttore is a destination dedicated to translation to and from Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and many other languages. The Babylon translation service is also featured as a dedicated vertical on the main Tiscali search service . The Traduttore Widget is a small translation box which is available for single-word translation throughout the Tiscali website.

"With the high growth of Internet content in many languages, we are witnessing the increasing demand for translation services online," said Tal Shaked, Director of Business Development at Babylon. “International expansion and partnerships are key to Babylon’s success. This agreement with Tiscali is another significant milestone for us following similar deals with AOL and other leading portals worldwide. We believe Tiscali users are provided with a great added-value service while Babylon will enjoy an effective distribution source.” added Shaked.

Babylon’s translation APIs enable developers and website operators around the world to enhance their portals and applications by accessing Babylon’s rich content which includes over 1500 dictionaries, encyclopedias and specialized glossaries.

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Babylon announces the launch of its new version - Babylon 8. After more than 55 million users worldwide and following the success of previous versions, comes the new and innovative version - Babylon 8.

Munich, Germany- May 27, 2009 - Babylon LTD. the leading provider of single-click translation and dictionary software announces the release of the latest version of its software - Babylon 8.

A year and a half after launching Babylon 7 and following a year in which Babylon continued to expand its product line and business pacts, Babylon Ltd. presents Babylon 8, the most advanced and predominant translation software in the world.

The New Version includes more languages and many more information sources, Web page and document translation, contextual awareness desktop globe, and much more.

Alon Carmeli, Babylon’s CEO: "This is a celebration day for Babylon and an important and significant milestone. Babylon 8 sums up two years of fast development and changes, starting in a tight and strong cooperation with Google; going on to the Babylon for MAC version, various devices and the launch of Babylon Enterprise version, all the way through the development of the automatic tools of the software, which significantly upgrade the user’s experience.”

“Babylon 8 applies a large number of profound technological improvements, together with new enhanced qualities and dramatic increase in the support of sources and languages. We are ready and prepared for the continued and fast growing number of our world-wide community of users, which is the Company’s main asset", added Carmeli.

Babylon 8 New Features and significant improvements:

  • More Languages, More Sources
    The new version provides bidirectional single-click translation, in over 75 languages, from some 2,000 information sources, which provide everything, from a simple translation, currency conversion to professional glossaries and slang dictionaries.
  • Document Translation
    Apart from words, sentences and whole paragraphs of text, Babylon 8 provides translation of documents (MS Word, PDF, Text, etc.) to and from 31 languages (compared with 17 in the previous version).
  • Web page Translation
    Babylon 8 enables immediate translation of Web pages from and to any language.
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Office Speller
    Babylon 8 integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Office spellers and enhances the built-in speller with additional assisting tools. In addition to the correct spelling suggestions, Babvlon 8 will provide the user with short definitions and translation which will enable the user to identify and decide what to choose.
  • Access to Wikipedia Content
    Babylon 8 enables single-click access to over 6.5 million articles and definitions from Wikipedia, the biggest multilingual free encyclopedia on the Internet, in 20 languages (compared with 13 in the previous version).
  • Contextual Awareness Globe
    Babylon 8 perceives your translation needs! A new contextual awareness Globe suggests the suitable translation service, spell-checker, unit conversion, and other translation assisting tools. The Globe will be available to you only when you need them.
  • Leading Dictionary Titles
    Babylon 8 delivers results from the world's premier publishing houses, such as: Britannica, Oxford, Merriam Webster, Pons, Duden, Larousse, Langenscheidt and many more and many more
  • New User Interface
    Babylon 8 has a fresh and simple new uncluttered look with less buttons to facilitate and expedite the use, which makes Babylon even more user friendly.

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Babylon Ltd., the International Leading Provider of Translation and Dictionary Software Company, Ranks No. 1 and took the "TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award"

New York, NY – February 23, 2009 - Babylon LTD, a world leading provider of online and offline dictionary and translation solutions, has ranked No. 1 in the review of the 2009 translation software carried out by TopTen Reviews and ranked above the competition and took the "TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award"

Babylon continues to improve its services with dictionaries in over 75 languages, full text translation, which provides its customers with real-time text translations in 31 languages with over 350 language pairs, and offers its users a wide range of premium dictionaries and encyclopedias from renowned publishers around the globe, such as, Oxford, Merriam Webster, Britannica, Larousse, Langenscheidt, Pons Taishukan, Michaelis and more. All in a single click!

“With the right combination of accuracy, features and affordability, Babylon swept past the competition and took the "TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award" in our review of translation software. Simply put, Babylon is the best translator which also has the best compatibility with other programs. It’s a no-brainer.” TopTenReviews Editor's Review.

“Babylon packs all its features into a small window that doesn’t block your view of other windows. This small design doesn’t block your view of the other programs you are using, which is essential because Babylon is designed to translate as you work without disrupting you.” the Editor's Review continues.

“Babylon simply does it better than the competition. It has greater accuracy, more languages, better features, numerous references and dictionaries and a simple, compact interface. Babylon will be able to do anything you need it to.” concludes the Editor's Review.

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