FAQs: Installation and Configuration

How do I install the client software on all the desktops in my organization?

Babylon Corporate Edition installation is MSI-based and can be easily distributed throughout the organization using any standard software distribution tools such as MS Active Directory® or System Management Server.

How do I distribute software upgrades to the clients in my organization?

Client upgrades are performed by the Babylon application server. From the administration interface, run the upgrade setup file and issue a command to distribute the upgrades to all clients.

Can I globally configure client parameters?

You can globally control the settings of any of the options in the client Configuration dialog box (e.g., hotkey definitions, Internet connectivity, display settings) as well as other operations, such as glossary installations and updates.

In my organization many employees are not permitted access to the Internet. Is this a problem for them as users of the Babylon client?

The Babylon application server serves as a proxy for clients without an Internet connection, and provides them with the content updates of Babylon's dictionaries and currency exchange rates.