FAQs: Download and Licenses

Can we download a trial version of Babylon 9 to evaluate in our organization?

The trial version of Babylon 9 available for download is not recommended for corporate customers who wish to evaluate the product, since it lacks the features required by system administrators and enterprise environments.

To receive an evaluation version of Babylon Corporate Edition, do one of the following:

Contact a local sales representative.

Find a Babylon Distributor or Reseller Near You

What license options does Babylon offer?

The following license options are available for Babylon Corporate Edition:

  • Version-based license: This license is limited to the specific major version purchased by the customer (8.x, 9.x) and never expires. This license does not include the upgrade to the next major release, which requires purchase of the upgrade.
  • Annual subscription: For Babylon 9 only, it is possible to purchase an annual subscription instead of a version-based license. This is a one-year license which entitles the customer to all updates and upgrades released during that period. When the year ends, the license expires, and the customer must again purchase a license.

We want to buy a number of licenses for users in our company. Can we purchase Babylon Corporate Edition online?

Babylon Corporate Edition is not available for online purchase.

To request a quotation or to purchase volume licenses, contact Babylon by using the Business Customer Information Request form.

Is Babylon Corporate Edition supplied on a CD, or is it downloaded?

When you purchase licenses for Babylon Corporate Edition, you will receive instructions on how to download and install the corporate version of the software in your organization. The software is not available on CD.

What is Babylon's corporate license policy?

Babylon's policy states that our licenses are sold per installation of the software on a desktop computer, or per each named user (in a Terminal Server or Citrix environment).