Babylon for Federal and Local Government

Babylon for Federal Government

The activities and operations of many federal government bureaus and departments are focused beyond the country’s borders. Foreign affairs ministries, embassies and consulates, defense departments, intelligence agencies, and economic ministries are just a few examples. The nature of their job requires many workers to process information in foreign languages. They often face massive amounts of information, and need it translated as quickly as possible. They cannot wait for a human translator to help them. Babylon has an answer to this need.

A best-of-breed translation engine is integrated in Babylon to provide automated full-text translation of documents, which provides a cost-effective first round translation and assessment. This allows the skilled human translators to focus on materials that require a more thorough interpretation, analysis and escalation. The Babylon Translation Server provides a solution for organizations that must restrict workers’ access to the Internet for security reasons, which limits their ability to utilize online information sources.

Babylon for Municipalities and Local Agencies

In many local governments and administrations, there is a strong and growing demand to serve residents whose English skills are limited or non-existent. This means translation services and Sectors must be found and put to use.

Babylon can deliver translations in 75 languages. It is activated by a single click on any term or expression on screen, and instantly displays the appropriate translation, definition or information. It is simple to use and displays results immediately, making it an effective tool in public service offices where response time and efficiency are critical.

Selected Babylon Corporate Edition Customers

  • Government of Canada
  • Ministerium der Finanzen (DE)
  • Ministere de la Culture France (FR)
  • Ministere de L’economie et du Commerce Exterieur (LU)
  • Ministere d’Etat (LU)

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