Get Translations and Information Instantly

Babylon is an essential tool for any organization that wants to overcome language barriers and improve communication. It is an ideal solution for employees who need on-demand translations without interrupting their workflow.

Babylon has a simple interface and operates within any application. It delivers instant translations and definitions to users' desktops in a single click. Users can easily begin using Babylon with little or no training or support. It quickly becomes an integral part of employees' desktops, resulting in a higher level of professionalism, job performance and productivity.

Babylon Corporate Edition is the Babylon translation product for enterprise environments. It is specifically designed for customers requiring deployment across tens, hundreds, and even thousands of desktops.

Babylon Corporate Edition provides all the capabilities of the award winning Babylon translation software:

  • Simple and intuitive one-click activation
  • Translation from any language to any language
  • Spelling and Proofreading
  • Web page translation
  • document translation (Word, PDF, text)
  • Definition and translation integration with MS Office speller
  • In addition, Babylon Corporate Edition provides system administration tools to facilitate installations, updates and maintenance of the corporate site.

Benefits of Babylon Corporate Edition

For Employers and Employees

  • Simple operation: Intuitive, single-click translations of words and full text, definitions, and conversions of currency, time zones and units of measure.
  • Saves time: No interruption of workflow to switch applications or seek translations or definitions.
  • Always available: Integrates with any application, both online and offline.
  • Reliable translations: Translations are accurate and appropriate to the context.
  • Instant results: Results are immediately available on the user's desktop.
  • Improves productivity: With less time wasted, employees and the organization are more productive.
  • Strengthens communication: More effective communication improves business processes and opportunities.

For IT Managers and System Administrators

  • Can be quickly deployed across an entire organization using standard system management tools.
  • Enables central administrator control of parameters such as Internet connectivity settings and default client settings, and operations such as customized and silent installs.
  • Uses industry-standard MSI technology to ensure error-free client installation.
  • Supports Citrix and Terminal Server.

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