Babylon Distributors and Resellers

Babylon has distributors and resellers worldwide who market, sell and support Babylon products in regional markets.

Babylon is continually seeking business partners to expand and strengthen our global sales network.

Babylon Business Partner Requirements:

  • Promote Babylon products through ongoing marketing and sales activities.
  • Sell and support Babylon products and services primarily to business customers.
  • Provide first level support to customers.
  • Assign a dedicated Babylon account manager.
  • Perform timely lead follow-up and reporting.

Babylon Business Partners Benefits:

  • Babylon provides business partners with second level technical support, remote training, and new product versions, at no cost.
  • Babylon sends e-newsletters to partners with updates, product enhancements, new sales opportunities, upcoming events and more.
  • Babylon provides business partners with product brochures, datasheets, white papers, press releases, technical updates, graphics and other sales tools such as demos and presentations as they become available.
  • Babylon assists our business partners with seminars, trade shows, mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts in the form of materials, logos and even staff, when warranted and available.
  • The Babylon website provides links to your business and website.

To learn more about a business partnership Babylon, complete the form.