Babylon Improves Communication and Productivity

In today’s international economy, language and communication skills are more vital than ever. As part of their daily workflow, employees must be able to read, write and exchange vital information in languages other than their own.

Babylon offers dictionary and translation solutions to businesses for which effective communication is a key to their success.

Babylon provides the desktop platform for on-demand translations. It delivers instant translations and definitions from both Babylon brand dictionaries and premium content dictionaries from the world’s leading dictionary publishers. Babylon can accommodate any combination of dictionaries that best meets any organization’s language needs.

In a single click, Babylon translates complete Web pages, documents in formats such as Word, PDF and text, to and from 31 languages. Babylon is integrated with Microsoft Office and presents a short definition for each term suggested by the spelling checker.

Babylon includes a conversion utility that recognizes different types of numbers and units and converts these values into different currencies, units of measure or time zones. Babylon also provides audio pronunciation and phonetic symbols to help users hear and pronounce terms correctly. Babylon includes writing aids, such as cross-translation, conjugations and direct paste, to help users who are not fluent in English compose better texts in English.

Specifically designed for a networked business environment, Corporate Edition is easily deployed using standard system management tools, and requires minimal training or support.